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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

It seems that North London are slowly waking up to the fact that petrol and diesel cars will cease production in 2040 (with a plan to bring this forward to 2032).  With this in mind London boroughs are making efforts to install new electric vehicle charging points. Haringey Consultation MEB (formerly a business operating in […]

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Speed Bumps

Love them or loathe them, speed bumps are part of our road system.  But are they the best traffic calming method? Speed bumps are commonly used to enforce a low speed limit (around 25 mph).  They might be good at keeping speed limits low but can cause problems such as traffic noise, damage to cars […]

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Fascinating Facts about Edmonton, N18

Since relocating from Crouch End to Edmonton, we are getting used to the new sights and surroundings of Edmonton.  If you were to bring your car up to N18 for a service or MOT then what are you likely to find around the Landmark Commercial Centre? Welcome to our guide to Edmonton! Now most importantly […]

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MEB Moves from Crouch End to Edmonton

End on an era for MEB I am taking this opportunity to personally thank you for your lovely comments it’s the end on an era for us. I have now moved to our body shop in Edmonton N18. Volante, has a small team of professionals located south eastern part of the London Borough of Enfield. While predominantly […]

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Car Share

Thanks to the programmes Peter Kay’s Car Share and Carpool Karaoke, the idea that more than one person can travel in a car at once has become more popular, and even fun! How it works Carpooling or a car share is a simple concept: two or more people make a regular journey in a single […]

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Following on from our article on the different types of fuel, we are exploring what happens if you use the wrong fuel in your car or misfuelling as it is otherwise known as. What does misfuelling mean? Misfuelling is when you put the wrong fuel in your car ie you fill up your petrol tank […]

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EVs and Hybrid cars

As the tables turn on diesel cars and the need for zero-emission driving, there is more and more talk about electric and hybrid vehicles.  We explore the differences between these newer, cleaner energy choices. What will you invest in? Electric vehicles In just under a year, Volvo will start producing electric (and hybrids) exclusively.  You […]

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Different types of fuel

It used to be that there were two choices of fuel for your car: petrol or diesel.  However these days the options are expanding as the motoring industry explores different ways to power vehicles.  Here’s a lowdown of the choices available. Petrol There are generally two types of petrol that you can fill up with: […]

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Car Scrappage Schemes

It seems that not a week goes by without a mention of a car scrappage scheme in the motoring press.  If you are thinking of changing vehicles is it worth investigating a scheme for your old car? What are scrappage schemes? Car manufacturers are offering discounts on cleaner models, encouraging you to part ways with […]

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6 Car Maintenance Myths

It’s funny how we hear a story a couple of times, so automatically think it is true. There’s so many car maintenance myths out there but we’ve picked our favourites!   I’ll save money on my aircon by rolling the windows down Rolling the windows down might save on using the aircon which in turns […]

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