Beware of Servicing Stop Enfield Ltd

Servicing StopIt was recently brought to our attention that a company called Servicing Stop Enfield Ltd are rogue traders.  The company which acts as an intermediary between the car owner and garage, on paper sounds ideal but from watching Watchdog and reading Google reviews this is far from the case.

Who are Servicing Stop Enfield Ltd?

A seemingly hassle-free way to book in a service or MOT, operating nationwide and promising to undercut main dealer prices by 60%.  In fact, Servicing Stop went on Dragon’s Den in 2009 asking for a £100,000 cash investment but rather dramatically turned down Deborah Meaden’s offer, opting for a private investor outside the programme. 

Busy and budget-conscious car owners contact Servicing Stop to book in a service or MOT, the company then collect the car and drop it off at a local networked garage where the work is carried out and then the car is dropped back with the owner on the same day.  The owners then pay Servicing Stop for the works carried out.

What went wrong?

According to Watchdog, the company have been misleading the public with “special offers” and deals.  It turns out that “Special Summer Offer up to 60% off main dealer prices” is not really an offer as the company is always offering 60% off main dealer prices.

The price starts cheap, with MOTs starting at just £24 (£19 if booked in with a service) and services at less than £100.  However, in the Watchdog episode, once Servicing Stop received the car, the company recommended to the car owner to have extra, unnecessary works: a fuel treatment and the fuel filter to be changed (at £77 this is twice as expensive as a garage would charge).  Normal car service basic checks were missed (wheel nuts remained loose for example) and they carried out extra works they didn’t need.

Furthermore, when you search for a quote, there is small print which states “specialist Oil may be required for your vehicle this is a set cost of £24.00 + VAT.” Specialist oil is a bit of a grey area as all modern cars use specialist or specific oil that the manufacturers specify for their cars. At MEB we always use the oil that the manufacturer recommends, however the cost of this is included in the service!

MEB the Motor Centre’s Advice

It’s all well and good to go for a cheap offer (who doesn’t like a bargain) but when it comes to your car, it is best to check out the garage (or website acting as the broker) first.  Five star reviews on the garage’s website is one thing but do check out external review sites such as Google Local, Trust My Garage or Good Garage Scheme.

An independent body such as Which? should also be consulted.  Check out if they are part of their Trusted Traders programme.  You can read more tips here.

For peace of mind, MEB Motors are accredited by Good Garage Scheme and are also a Which Trusted Trader.

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