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Catalytic Converter Thefts – Prevention Tips

There seem to be a spate of catalytic converter thefts happening at the moment in North London. We’ve seen several reports on community website Next Door. We’ve pulled together the essential facts, including some prevention tips. What is a Catalytic Converter? Catalytic converters breakdown harmful compounds and are designed to remove toxins from vehicle emissions. […]

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Cash for Crash

You’ve probably heard about cash for crash scams that are hitting drivers.  A cash for crash scam is when someone deliberately crashes into the vehicles of innocent drivers in order to submit false insurance claims.  Or sometimes they submit a claim when there hasn’t even been a crash! These are called ghost accidents.  The aim […]

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Keyless car theft

Have you heard of keyless car theft? It is very much as it sounds – a vehicle being stolen without the use of the owner’s key. It’s done in a number of ways. Smashing a window and hotwiring, towing the vehicle, and more sophisticated methods used by organised criminals.  For example, they can block the […]

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