car maintenance mythsIt’s funny how we hear a story a couple of times, so automatically think it is true. There’s so many car maintenance myths out there but we’ve picked our favourites!


I’ll save money on my aircon by rolling the windows down

Rolling the windows down might save on using the aircon which in turns saves on fuel.  However it increases wind resistance which makes the engine work harder (and consumes more fuel).  Therefore if you want to keep cool, you need to consume extra fuel. So which do you choose?  We think we’d pick the aircon as it dehumidifies the interior and keeps the driver alert.


I should be inflating my tyre to the pressure listed on it’s sidewall

Don’t use the pressure listed on the tyre’s sidewall as a guide. That is the maximum pounds-per-square-inch number that could be used for safe driving.  It’s best to use the information which is in your glovebox compartment.  For more fascinating facts about tyre pressure, read our dedicated article.


Premium fuel much better than the regular stuff

We are often taught that premium brands are better.  However this is not necessarily the case.  Unless your car manual states your car needs premium fuel then you can probably avoid suffering the extra costs.


I need to change my oil every 3000 miles

This is an old-fashioned notion and with the developments in car design technology, many cars won’t need their oil changing until around the 5,000 – 7,500 miles mark.  In fact cars with synthetic oil can be changed every 10,000 miles! But do remember to change your oil…  read what happens if you forget to check your oil.


Do I need to “Winterize” or “Summerize” my car?

In the UK we don’t really need to prepare our cars for the change of the season.  Depending on the type of coolant in your car it only needs to be changed every 2 – 4 years and your air conditioning may only need a recharge once every 2 years.

We do have guides to show what regular maintenance you should be doing to your car, and providing you keep up with this then you shouldn’t need to book in for a seasonal service.


All garages and mechanics are all the same

You might think that one garage is very much like another.  However you’d be wrong.  Some high street chains just want you in and out, and won’t take time to fix older cars.

At MEB, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile and repairing cars that other garages have  either rejected or failed to find a solution for.


If you still want more information about car maintenance myths then watch this video.


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