Evoque_in_Dubai_011 by Landrover MENA

Evoque_in_Dubai_011 by Landrover MENA

The blossoms are in bloom, the temperature is into double figures, and the days are getting longer. These can only mean one thing – spring is here at last.

The previous two summers were amongst the hottest ever recorded, so here at MEB we’re gearing up for another scorcher (ever optimistic!).

One thing you’ll definitely want to avoid this summer is a faulty or broken air conditioning system. The only thing worse than sitting in traffic on a hot bank holiday weekend, is sitting in traffic on a hot bank holiday weekend with no air con…

So now is the time to think about an air conditioning health check.

Air con systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every 2 years. This is not generally done as part of a routine service, so next time you take your car in for regular maintenance, consider having your air con unit looked over. The proper amount of clean refrigerant in the system will ensure it cools better, while a good quality refrigerant will help avoid pipeline corrosion, explosion, or leakage.

Air con systems benefit from regular use. Switch on the air con from time to time to keep the seals lubricated and avoid them drying out, which can lead to leaks.

Clean your air con filters on a regular basis. If your air con filter gathers too much dust and dirt, it will affect its filtering ability and how it cools your car. If they are too dirty, they will need to be replaced.

Have bad smells treated with an anti bacterial treatment. Bacteria, mould and fungus can build up in the evaporator core, but can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

If your air con unit is making a strange noise, have it seen to straight away. It could be an early sign of compressor failure, which can be expensive to fix.

Make sure your car is a cool haven this summer by booking a ‘Summer Service’ at your local garage.  AT VOLANTE, WE CAN INSPECT AND TEST YOUR AIR CONDITIONING, AND PROVIDE A FULL RECHARGE.  We’ll even change your cabin air (pollen) filter.  Potentially saving you the cost of pricey air con repairs in the future.

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