autumn drivingSeptember is here and despite the anticipated heatwave on the horizon it is nearly Autumn. And Autumn brings with it new driving conditions.

Here is a list of likely autumn driving hazards and the things you can do to prepare yourself for them:

Low Autumn sun causing dazzle

  • Keep your windscreen wash topped up to help reduce extra dazzle.
  • Don’t forget to clean inside your windscreen as a dirty windscreen creates glare. Just a tissue and glass cleaner every two weeks should do the trick.
  • Check the rubber on your wipers to ensure there is no squeak or smear. If there is, replace them

Darker mornings and evenings

You’ll be using your lights more in the Autumn as the days draw in. So it’s time to ensure they are working:

  • Check all bulbs at least once a week (including brake lights and number plate lights)
  • Check your fog lights and lenses are clean
  • Always carry some spare bulbs
  • If you are changing bulbs, follow your handbook although your headlight bulbs may need you to visit a garage
  • Turn your headlights on before the sun goes down
  • Keep your lights on for an hour or so after sunrise

Change in road conditions

Leaves can cause more than just train delays. They really are hazardous to drivers.

  • Check all your tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth. You want to make sure your tyres can grip the road when conditions get slippery.
  • Did you know that October is Tyre Safety month? But we want you safe every month of the year so replace your tyres if they are old
  • Also, get your brakes checked!

General checks

There are general checks you should do to the car too:


  • Antifreeze isn’t just for winter, it’s important all year round as it contains additives that help prevent corrosion and improve summer cooling
  • This should be checked as part of a regular service as frozen engines are expensive to repair
  • Check your handbook to see what type of antifreeze to use for your car


  • The most common cause of breakdown at any time o.f year and if your battery struggles now it will most likely let you down in winter
  • Ensure the top the battery is clean, free from debris and dry.
  • Make sure the terminals are tightly screwed in and free from corrosion.
  • Check your battery if it is over three years old and renew battery if it is over five years old.


  • Check your windscreen for any chips. Now is the time to repair them because the colder weather can turn those chips into large cracks.

It is a good idea to get your car serviced at this time of year. You can book it in with MEB who will ensure your car is ready for Autumn driving.

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