car appsWe were recently inspired to write a blog on the best car apps when a Facebook friend bragged about “being able to switch the aircon in the car on 5 minutes before you get in, from your phone.”*  Here are our top 5 free car apps, including one for air conditioning!


We quickly realised that the average car either has no use for an air conditioning app (it only takes a few minutes to hop in the car and adjust the temperature or it isn’t geared up to the technology).  Aside from forking out for an all-singing-and-dancing Tesla, the other option is to go for a brand like Volkswagen which has a whole range of e-vehicles which can be installed with Car-Net, allowing you to set the temperature and ensure your car is cool before hopping in.


If you are looking for the best petrol prices in the UK, then an app like PetrolPrices does the trick.  Perhaps not as popular as the US version Gas Buddy, it is still pretty handy if you are driving around in an unfamiliar town. It also helps you find the cheapest fuel along a journey, so you avoid overpriced pumps when you run low.


If you want an alternative to a Sat-Nav then Waze is our pick (over 50 million users can’t be wrong).  The app updates you on live traffic situations (crowdsourced from other Waze users), maps, road hazards and lets you know if a Facebook friend is driving in the same direction!  The app also has the added bonus of enabling Spotify so you can stream the music you love whilst avoiding all that congestion.


With new fines introduced for those caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel of car, we think an app like is the way to go.  You can listen to incoming text messages, emails, Twitter updates, Facebook messages and Google text messages.  You don’t need to press any buttons to listen to anything, the app takes care of that itself, leaving you to the ideal hands-free driving experience.


Ok, not technically free but for £1.49 it is so much cheaper than a DashcamCarcorder turns your phone into a Dashcam, giving drivers the ability to record your journeys thus providing hard evidence in the event of an accident. Users are able to record locations via GPS and switch between different resolutions.  A perfect choice until you are willing to commit to a Dashcam.

MEB love technology so want to know what your favourite car app is.  Do let us know.


*He had just bought a Tesla

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