Paris Pollution

As the temperatures soared to around 40 degrees in Europe at the end of June, so did the pollution levels. Parisian authorities instigated a limit on which cars could drive in Paris, so what was that all about? Parisian Driving Ban On Wednesday 26th June, the Paris...

Noise Cameras

Are you one of those people who tut at the boy racers in the souped-up cars? If you are then you may have been delighted to read about the introduction of “noise cameras”. We were curious at MEB Motors to find out more. What are noise cameras? Acoustic cameras are...

Electric and Hybrid Car Training

With the demand for more and more electric and hybrid vehicles, it is important that garage mechanics and technicians are trained to work on these vehicles safely. Our old pals North London Garages Group Training Association (NLGGTA) have been sending us apprentices...

Is Idling Really That Bad?

More and more London boroughs are bringing in laws to start fining idling motors. With Clean Air Day coming up (20th June), and being on the agenda of the mayor, we thought we’d take a look at what’s so bad about idling.

Summer Car Events

Now that the Easter holidays are over, we are moving into festival season. If you are a motoring fan then take a look at the must see summer car events and shows in the UK this summer. Isle of Man TT Races If you’ve never been to the Isle of Man then one way to...

Plastic Roads

In a time where plastic pollution is a big concern for many, we welcome ideas like plastic roads which may save us from our pothole crisis!

Outstanding Recall Notices

There are currently a lot of cars on the UK’s roads with outstanding recall notices. Recall notices are fairly commonplace, for example, in 2018 BMW recalled 268,000 diesel cars in the UK due to a potential fire risk.

Catalytic Converter Thefts – Prevention Tips

There seem to be a spate of catalytic converter thefts happening at the moment in North London. We’ve seen several reports on community website Next Door. We’ve pulled together the essential facts, including some prevention tips.

Brexit – what you need to know about driving in Europe

Brexit – when will it happen and what will happen when it happens? There is no doubt about it, Brexit has been a hugely complicated and divisive issue. But no matter how you voted, the effect of Brexit will be wide. Whether there is a deal or no deal, if traveling into Europe, your car may require a Green Card.

Ultra Low Emission Zone

Back when we researched New London Mayor’s “T Charge” two years ago, we wrote that “London’s new mayor also wants to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) as far as inner boundary of North and South circular roads, almost doubling it in size (original plan was to have the ULEZ in just the congestion charge zone).  He has also hinted that it could be brought forward by one year to 2019 as opposed to the original proposition of 2020.“ Well, Mr Khan has kept his word and the ULEZ is coming!

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