car air conditioning serviceSpring has sprung, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the roads are changing. That’s right. Road conditions change from winter to spring which means there are certain checks you need to do on your car to make sure it’s ready and safe for your spring and summer driving. If you bring your car into MEB for your spring checks we’ll make sure the following are ready for the new season.

Car Air Conditioning

You probably didn’t use this feature of your car during the winter months. In fact, with the cold weather you probably haven’t even thought about air conditioning. But there are checks that need to be done on it before using, and to ensure it works smoothly once you do use it.  Here at MEB we will do an air conditioning health check as part of our spring check.  But here is what you can do to prepare for the warmer weather:

  • Clean out your aircon filters on a regular basis to avoid the build up of dust and dirt. A build up will affect how well it cools the car and if too clogged will mean expensive replacements.
  • Mould and bacteria can form inside air conditioning systems. You’ll notice it if there are any bad smells. These can be treated with an anti-bacterial treatment.
  • Use the aircon regularly. That’s right! Even in the colder months blast the aircon to avoid the seals drying out. The seals need to be kept well lubricated to avoid them drying out and leaking.
  • And the lubricant on an aircon system needs to be changed every two years. As does the gas. It’s not normally done as part of a routine service so make sure you ask for the unit to be looked over when you next book it in.
  • If you see any damp patches or water on your passenger side it’s likely to be dripping from the air con evaporator. Don’t panic! There is a tube that is fitted on the evaporator which allows the condensation from the evaporator to drain away from the vehicle.  It could be that it’s blocked and this can be easily fixed during your service.
  • If you switch your aircon unit on and hear a strange noise, book it in straight away! It could be an early sign of damage to the compressor which can be costly to fix if left.

As well as your air conditioning, we will also check:

Lights – These have been used a lot during the winter months. We’ll make sure your bulbs are still working and replace any that need it.

Brakes – We’ll check them over to make sure there is no damage from the salt and mud that can get into the underside of your car during winter months, and cause damage to the brakes.

Windscreen washer fluid – We will check the levels and to up if necessary.

Wiper blades – If worn from winter use we can check and replace them.

Batteries – Batteries are put under strain in winter months which can cause it to weaken. We’ll check and replace any weak batteries.

So book in today and get your car ready for the warmer days ahead.

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