March’s 2014 Budget inspired us on how car owners could save money.  Here are our tips:


roof rackSeptember’s fuel duty hike of 2p a litre won’t go ahead – hooray!  However, the price of fuel continues to rise anyway, so here are a few tips on how to use less fuel:

  • Are you a car owner who loves to drive around with the roof rack on all year round? Take it off, as a lighter car uses less fuel
  • This also goes for a boot full of rubbish – empty it as you will not only have more space to put your suitcases but also save on fuel
  • Fully inflated car tyres will run your car more efficiently
  • Apply the brake slowly as you use less fuel, this also goes for acceleration (so no 0-90 in 3 seconds for us)
  • Might sound silly but make sure you are driving in the correct gear as this will help you be more economic with your fuel consumption
  • If you use your car for short trips, don’t fill up fully as again the extra weight uses more fuel (oh the irony)
  • The air conditioning vs window open debate still rages on but the general rule is that if you are driving at lower speeds, open the window and as you speed up, close the window and put the air conditioning on.  It’s all to do with wind resistance slowing your car down which in turn uses more fuel


Classic Cars

Great news for lovers of 1970s cars in this year’s Budget as classic cars built before January 1974 are now exempt from VED (Vehicle Excise Duty).  In simple terms this means that any car built before 1st January 1974 is now eligible for a zero-rated tax disc.  Even better news, from January 2015, the cut-off will roll (at 40 years) which means that any car built from 1st January 1975 will be also be exempt from VED!


Crash Repairs

At Volante Garage Edmonton we take on body work repairs after an accident.  We don’t take short cuts and use top of the range paint which won’t chip, peel or fade thus the resale value of the car remains high.  Also, if your car is destined for the scrap yard, give us a call (020 8807 0668) as we’ve often repaired cars which insurance companies have given a death sentence to.


Seasonal Checks

At Volante Garage Edmonton, we are hot on preaching about seasonal checks (currently Spring and Summer ones).  Looking over your car periodically to make sure that the tyres are properly inflated, oil levels are topped up etc, will save you money in the long run.

If it is something trickier that you can’t fix yourself, we encourage you to bring your car in for a service at the garage.  Our aim is to help you to save money!

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