car shareThanks to the programmes Peter Kay’s Car Share and Carpool Karaoke, the idea that more than one person can travel in a car at once has become more popular, and even fun!

How it works

Carpooling or a car share is a simple concept: two or more people make a regular journey in a single car.  It could be the same driver each time or they could take it in turns.

Firstly you need to either find an existing carpool or set one up.  Check with your business as they might have one set up or the facilities to connect commuters travelling the same way.

If you are setting up a new car share then talk to your friends and neighbours about it, use community noticeboards to advertise and the power of social media.

Investigate if there are any council or government incentives for choosing to carpool or indeed any apps that you can leverage.

For more details on how to set up a car share programme, take a look at this great Wikihow article.



  • It can save time – not only as there will be fewer cars on the road but also saving time finding a parking space as there will be less vehicles in the car park
  • It can save money – according to Liftshare, the average car-sharer saves around £1000 a year through journey-sharing.
  • It’s better for the environment – not only are you saving on fuel, you are also reducing your carbon footprint
  • It’s good for employees – carpooling can attract and retain staff to businesses where there are poor transport links; health and wellbeing can be improved if staff aren’t worried about being late for work; staff can connect with one another improving employee engagement (which in turn reduces the number of sick days taken).


Apps and Websites

Through the use of technology like-minded commuters are able to share their journeys with others.

  • provides the largest car sharing network in the UK – you can either use it privately or ask for a demo on how to use it for your business
  • is a website and app which shows the cost of typical journeys and allows you to set up ride alerts
  • is all geared up to matching individuals with lifts to festivals and sports events. Their aim is to make car sharing fun.

At MEB Motors we want to make sure your car is in peak condition if you are part of a carpool.  Get in touch today about your next service 020 8340 0656.

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