giftsAre you struggling to think of gifts for your loved one?  If they spend as much time with their car as they do with you then check out our alternative car owners’ gift list.


In an age of sat-navs and other map-related technology, have you thought about what happens if your device fails?  There might be the rare occasion that batteries get flat, the signal drops or the whole system crashes.  If this happens, do you have a trusty map of the UK in your car?  We advise having one as a backup.  Auto Express have done the hard work for us, reviewing a number of UK road maps.  Their choice is A-Z Great Britain and Northern Ireland Super Scale 2018.

Power Bank for Phone

Have you thought about what would happen if you broke down on a country lane?  It’s ok (kind of) to break down on the motorway as you will have access to phones, giving you a hotline to recovery vehicles.  However, if you are in the middle of the countryside, you will be heavily reliant on your mobile.  If your child has drained the battery playing games then what do you do?  Having an external portable charger or power bank could be the solution.  Just plug your phone in and your phone will transfer the power stored in this device.  Expert Reviews have reviewed the best power banks for 2017.

Jump Leads

Be the knight in shining armour and be the one to help those stranded with flat batteries (quite common in winter).  Jump leads are an invaluable piece of kit so ideal for those motoring mad in your life.  Don’t forget to brush up on how to use them safely.

De-icer kit

This could be the perfect stocking filler for your other half.  Having a de-icer spray and ice-scraper to hand will discourage the use of credit cards and hands.  The last thing you want is ring scratches all over your windscreen.  Invest in a decent de-icer kit to save your windscreen! Halfords 6 piece winter essentials set comes with lots of goodies including a chamois demister.

Our Gift to You

If you are a Picturehouse member, we are offering 10% off the cost of service labour.  Just show your membership card at the time of booking.

To book in for a MOT or service, please call 020 3322 2426.

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