car in winterBrrr, on a chilly and frosty morning, what is the best way to defrost your car?

In short the best way is to use a scraper and de-icer on your car’s exterior, start the engine, switch on the air conditioning and heated rear screen.  However, this article would be very short if we left it at that, so we’ve added in a few extras!

Do’s and Don’ts

Windscreen and windows

Do: Use an ice-scraper and a de-icer spray

Don’t: Pour boiling water onto your windscreen

Do: Clean ice off the side and rear mirrors

Don’t: Use hands to demist windows – you’ll only leave a smeary mess and diamond ring scratches

Do: Clean misted up windows with a lint-free absorbant cloth

Don’t: Drive away with misted windows as driving with limited visibility can be dangerous


Do: Wipe each blade with a soft cloth soaked in full-strength rubbing alcohol – it will keep the blades from sticking to the window

Don’t: Forget to turn windscreen wipers off


Do: Put your heating on including front fans and heated rear screen

Don’t: Leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition – “frosting” crimes are notoriously turned down by insurance companies


Do: Get up ten minutes earlier so that you aren’t in a rush and start to drive before it is safe to do so

Night, night car

Do: Put a blanket over your windscreen on cold nights and be sure to tuck it under the windscreen wipers. This will ensure that the screen won’t freeze and the wipers won’t get stuck to the glass.  As an alternative you can reuse the shiny heat reflectors and put these under the wipers

Don’t: Try to protect your windscreen with a newspaper – it will only stick to the screen

Do: Try rubbing half a raw onion on your windows and windscreen as it will stop frost from forming on the glass.  Alternatively you could cover your windscreen with a rubber bath mat!

Do: Cover your wing mirrors with plastic bags secured in place with elastic bands for ice-free mirrors in the morning

Don’t: Forget to remove the blankets/bath mats/plastic bags before driving off
WikiHow also have a handy 4 methods for de-icing your windscreen with pictures!  Which method do you use?

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