Party season is upon us and although it is nice to have a festive tipple, if you rely on using your vehicle to get home, what are the options instead of a drink driving conviction (or worse)?

Stay Sober
The most obvious option is to refrain from drinking alcohol. If you like the taste of beers, wines or spirits then there are plenty of non-alcohol versions to try these days. With people observing Dry January and Stoptober it is only natural that sales of low or alcohol-free beers has increased by 28% in early 2019 as compared to the previous year.

Designated Driver
If there are a group of you then you can pick a designated driver and as we mentioned, there are plenty of alcohol-free versions of party drinks so no missing out there (plus no headache the next morning).

Why share a taxi and worry about finding the right change when you can UberPool! It’s a relatively new service from the taxi alternative and it matches you with riders heading in the same direction so you can share the cost of the journey.

drink drivingThere’s a three step process you need to follow:
• Request – they’ll see if there is someone else going your way so you can share the trip
• Walk – The Uber app will provide you with a pick up point
• Ride – The Uber driver will pick the most direct route for passengers

It obviously takes a little longer to get home and you may have to walk a little bit but as the cost is significantly reduced, this can only be a good thing.

Often advertised in nightclub or pub bathrooms, ScooterMan is a personal chauffeur service with a difference.

Drive your vehicle for your evening out and then have ScooterMan drive you home in your vehicle. The chauffeur arrives on a collapsible scooter which they then put in the boot of your car. They claim the cost of their service is cheaper than the cost of two black cab rides.

So stay safe this party season and remember if you are driving your car long distances that you should either make sure it is winter ready or arrange for us to do this for you.

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