With the demand for more and more electric and hybrid vehicles, it is important that garage mechanics and technicians are trained to work on these vehicles safely.

Our old pals North London Garages Group Training Association (NLGGTA) have been sending us apprentices and trainee mechanics over the years. Now they are running an Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance Course, so what does the IMI L2 Award Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Routine Maintenance Activities cover?

Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance Course Aim
This course is designed for those who will be carrying out maintenance on Electric and Hybrid vehicles. The course will equip the individual with knowledge and skills required to safely work on and around vehicles that may have had damage to its high electrical/energy system.

Mechanics will gather an understanding of the perils surrounding Electric and Hybrid vehicles, learn the steps to take to avoid any injuries to themselves and others plus acquire knowledge of high and low voltage technologies.

Electric and Hybrid Car TrainingCourse Content
This course will allow vehicle technicians to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out repairs and maintenance. The course covers:

• Electric/Hybrid vehicle system components and operation
• Hazards surrounding Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
• How to reduce the risks to yourself and others when working on electric hybrid vehicles
• Safely preparing the vehicle when carrying out routine maintenance (NOT high voltage components or systems)
• Know the correct procedures required prior to removing and/or replacing high energy electrical system components
• Know how to correctly isolate and re-connect live high energy electrical supplies such as batteries, capacitors and motors
• Know the levels of current and voltage that present a hazard and describe the effects of alternating and direct current on humans
• Know and demonstrate the appropriate methods to isolate safely the high energy electrical system and carry out a safe method to re-instate the vehicle following the manufacturer’s instructions
• Know the correct method of connection of an alternative power source (if permissible) to an electrically propelled/hybrid vehicle for the purpose of jump starting and/or charging the vehicle
• Be able to work safely on an Electric/ Hybrid vehicle
(source http://www.nlggta.co.uk/electric-hybrid-vehicle-maintenance-course/ )

If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle that needs a repair or service, please contact us at Volante MEB The Motor Centre 020 8807 0668.

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