electric vehicle charging pointsIt seems that North London are slowly waking up to the fact that petrol and diesel cars will cease production in 2040 (with a plan to bring this forward to 2032).  With this in mind London boroughs are making efforts to install new electric vehicle charging points.

Haringey Consultation

MEB (formerly a business operating in Haringey) and other local businesses/residents were consulted in February/March 2018 about the possible introduction of 75 Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs)/bays in 23 locations within Haringey.

As part of the consultation, Haringey Council took on board Transport for London’s advice to provide 152 EVCPs to meet demand. The council’s Transport Strategy encourages the uptake of electric vehicles and it contributes to their commitment to improve air quality.

The new charging points are operated by Source London, accessible to Source London members and all others users on a “pay as you go” basis.  These charging points should be operational before the end of December 2018.

Edmonton and Enfield Charging Points

Since we are new to the Edmonton area, it isn’t entirely clear what Enfield Council’s plans are as yet regarding these electric vehicle charging points.  However it is interesting to know that there was a key decision back in June 2017 to appoint a single provider to replace and manage existing electric vehicle charging points in the London Borough of Enfield, although we cannot find which company has been awarded the contract.

If you are looking for a charging point in Edmonton then two can be found within the Tottenham Ikea premises operated by Ecotricity.

For a wider look at charging points in Enfield, take a look at Zap Map (indeed any location in the UK), the majority of which are run by POLAR.

Electric Charging Networks

If you have bought (or thinking about buying) an electric car, most of your charging will happen at home or at work.  However, there will be times when you will need to use public charging networks.  Below is a list of the major UK charging networks (most offering a mix of slow, fast and rapid charging options).

Charge Your Car

ChargePlace Scotland 



ESB ecars

ESB EV Solutions 



Pod Point


Shell Recharge 

Source London

Tesla (Supercharger and Destination)

Zero Carbon World (ZeroNet)

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