common car problemsThere are many top ten common car problem lists out there, take your pick from: AA, Auto Express and Honest John just to name three.  Our article though is slightly different and focuses on five common car problems that may get overlooked.


Are you finding it more difficult to brake quickly or an increase in braking distance? Get your brakes looked at immediately as any lowered performance could be critical.

Other signs your brakes might not be performing well:

  • Brake light on – a red or yellow light may just mean it is due an inspection but could also be alerting you to a problem
  • Noises such as squealing, grinding or squeaking are tell-tale signs
  • When you brake there is a wobbling or vibration
  • Brake fluid is leaking
  • The car pulls to one side when you brake
  • There’s a burning smell when you drive

Fluid Leaks

Keep an eye on where you park your car (driveway, garage, road) for fluid drips or leaks.  Leaks are common in older cars but watch out for them on newer cars too.  Spill marks could be oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and others.  We’ve also mentioned in a previous article that foxes have a penchant for chewing brake cables and drinking the fluid. Other fluid lines can be easily ruptured in a minor collision.

Any suspicious drips, bring your car in for a check-up!

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs may be small but they are an essential part of your car, making sure your car starts when you turn on the ignition.  Spark plugs which misfire mean your engine power and fuel economy may be affected, or even worse you could damage your catalytic converter.

A misfiring spark plug causes your engine to sound “rough” when idling or you might experience problems to start your car.


Definitely one to keep an eye on as could be the most costly repair if it goes unchecked. Transmissions controls the application of power ensuring timely, efficient and complete gear changes.  Keep an eye out for the following to avoid a hefty bill:

  • Clutch slipping (when it revs) or sticking
  • Trouble getting into gear

Wheel alignment

Misalignment can affect the wear and tear of tyres, decrease your ability to steer properly and sometimes cause slow leaks in the cases where there is severe damage.

The main causes for wheel misalignment are pot holes, bumps and other obstacles in the road.  As a check-up is fairly inexpensive, do get your garage to do the once over every year.

MEB are here to help you with any car problem, no matter how common!

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