You may have read our recent article proudly telling the world that we are now a Which? Trusted Trader.  However, we’d like to thank one of our loyal customers who put us onto Which? in the first plawhich-trusted-trader-download-logo-346612ce.

Robert Sacks of Utility Warehouse has this to say: “About 2 years ago I was involved in a motor accident.”  He goes onto say that his insurers made things as difficult as possible for him.  Robert had to take the car to be assessed since the suspension might have been damaged.  The inspection was carried out by experts who, apparently “reported to the insurers that the suspension had been damaged in such a way that the damage was uneconomical to repair”.  They had been quoted £2,500 by the experts but were only prepared to pay out about £500.

Robert requested if he could have the car repaired and for the £500 pay out, however they said that even if the car could be repaired, it would be uninsurable.

Robert is a long-term customer of MEB and knows that we like a challenge and excel in repairing the unrepairable.  We inspected the suspension and found it to be within the limits allowed by the manufacturer.

Robert then contacted the insurers who said they would pay out but he would have to have the car repaired at his own expense.  It was worth it though because we fixed the suspension, dealt with the body work repairs and gave it a good clean.  The car looked like new and the cost was within the amount paid out by the insurance company.

Robert says “Without Gerard I would have lost my car and would have been without a car”.  However, instead of just a testimonial, Robert contacted Which? and recommended us for the Trusted Trader accolade.

MEB would like to thank Robert for this very public recommendation, it means a lot to us.

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