New YearWe’ve raced through yet another year of car repairs, services and MOTs at MEB the Motor Centre.  Time to take stock of what went well in 2017 and how you can improve your motoring experience in 2018.  In addition to reminding you of our 2017 practical resolutions for car owners, here’s a few more suggestions for 2018.


Brake’s Road Safety Week campaign for 2017 was all about keeping your speed down.  We think this is a good resolution to stick to, especially in built up areas.  We know that 20mph does at times feel a little bit slow but it is the only safe speed to drive at in heavily built-up areas used by pedestrians and cyclists.  20mph gives you a better stopping time.

Supporting More Local Businesses

We’ve also been reminded to “shop local” in December around the time of Small Business Saturday.  According to a survey carried out by What Car in September 2017, once cars reach 7 years old, they have moved over to an independent garage.  Our garage prides itself in being able to repair cars which have been turned down by franchised dealerships.  So, if you aren’t already using a local garage, why not book in with one for an MOT or service in 2018.

Brush Up On Your Car Insurance

Are you one for driving in flipflops?  You might think twice about doing this if you knew that your car insurance provider thought of it as inappropriate footwear.  Take a look at our article that runs through 9 car insurance validations that you might not have known about.

Buy and Use a Dashcam

Did you get a dashcam for Christmas?  You might get a discount for using one when you are out and about driving.  For example the RAC are offering a £30 off their premium if you use one, as you are considered a more careful driver.  Dashcam footage can be used to help reduce scams (eg cash for crash) and report dangerous driving.

Common Car Problems        

Familiarise yourself with the signs of common car problems you may have overlooked to save yourself expensive repair bills. Learn the signs of brakes not performing well, keep on suspicious drips from your car, educate yourself about spark plugs, keep an eye on transmission controls and find out about what happens if your wheels aren’t aligned.

Happy New Year and happy driving!

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