Are you one of those people who tut at the boy racers in the souped-up cars? If you are then you may have been delighted to read about the introduction of “noise cameras”. We were curious at MEB Motors to find out more.

What are noise cameras?
Acoustic cameras are similar to speed cameras except they are fitted with noise-detection technology. The Department of Transport plans to try them out on a number of routes during the next seven months. If the trials are successful then they will be rolled out UK wide

How do they work?
Fitted with a microphone, these cameras will take photos of the registration plate if a vehicle breaches legal noise limits. Although they haven’t officially decided on what constitutes illegal noise limits there has been a suggestion that noise over 90 decibels will be regarded as a nuisance.

Visit inews for a great image of how this prototype technology works.

noise camerasWho will they target?
Some motorists illegally modify their cars and motorbikes so that the sounds are amplified. There have also been complaints from some rural communities that have their peace destroyed by biker gangs riding through their villages at anti-social hours. These cameras will help the already stretched police resources by automatically fining noisy boy racers.

Currently the police have the power to fine drivers up to £5000 for noise abatement notices and these cameras will make it easier for them to enforce.

The dangers of noise pollution
Noise pollution isn’t just a nuisance in rural communities but it has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, stress and type 2 diabetes. These cameras will help reduce health issues associated with long-term contact with loud environments.

Illegalities of tampering with your car
If you are thinking about modifying your car then take a look at what is and isn’t permitted on the RAC website. Some modifications will mean that your car insurance is invalid so it is best to check before making any changes. Do also bear in mind that the current legal noise limit for car exhausts is 74 decibels and it is currently illegal to modify your car’s exhaust system to make it noisier than this level.

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