By The Car Spy (BMW M3 Evo E36 Convertible) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By The Car Spy (BMW M3 Evo E36 Convertible)

Are you one of those people who envy owners of convertibles or do you worry about the safety aspects?  At MEB we’ve explored the pros and cons of owning a soft top convertible!


  • You look super cool
  • Everyone is jealous of you and your car
  • You look like a celebrity
  • You don’t need to wind down windows to keep cool
  • A great alternative to using a hairdryer
  • You don’t have to open the doors to get in
  • It’s the perfect beach accessory
  • Makes a great second summer car
  • If the roof needs repairing, you can detach it and still use your car
  • You have an unobstructed view, fantastic if you are sightseeing and wanting to take pictures without having to leave your car


  • Higher theft-rate, especially if the thief has a knife and in turn it makes the insurance higher
  • After about five years the roof-lining and edges will start to wear out which means you might get rain seepage
  • You will need to replace the roof on a soft-top every five years or so
  • If the top begins to wear down, your vehicle becomes less aerodynamic
  • You get messy hair
  • People use it as a dustbin if the top is open
  • They are less safe in a rollover accident
  • For speeds over 25 mph you get a free face lift and also become deaf!

If you are still undecided on whether a convertible is for you, check out who have a section on what to consider before buying a convertible.

Whether you decide to go for a soft-top or even a hard-top convertible, at Volante Garage Edmonton, we are able to service your car.

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