small business saturdayIt’s Small Business Saturday coming up again (Saturday 2nd December).  A time of year when we celebrate the small independent businesses in our local area.

At this time, supporting small businesses is more important than ever to us.  Not only are we awaiting the outcome of a planning decision which could see our current premises closed due to a suggested redevelopment into housing. We also lost our dear neighbours Muddy Boots which announced a shock closure of their 5 stores over London on Sunday night.  

We may need to find alternative premises within the area which would not be as big or maybe search further afield.  Therefore there might be one less garage training apprentices within the area.  We have successfully trained apprentices since 1992 and currently employ young trainees from the North London training group.

We give 4 fantastic reasons why supporting your local independent garage is important in our article we published last year for Small Business Saturday.  Not only are you contributing to the local economy but we are local and convenient for many who live and shop in Crouch End.  Our customers return to us year after year because of our reputation and that we are members of the Good Garage Scheme and a Which Trusted Trader.

According to a car servicing satisfaction survey carried out by What Car in September 2017, 92.2% of customers are satisfied by their non-franchise servicing experience.   Car owners believe they get better value for money from independent garages.

From looking at the statistics in their survey, some brands such as Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Audi are far happier taking their cars to be serviced at independents rather than franchised dealerships.

It is also interesting to note whereas 90% of motorists choose a franchised dealership for the first year’s vehicle service, the trend seems to be to switch to independents as the cars age.  Once cars reach 7 years old, almost 50% have shifted to using an independent garage.

If you are a motorist in the Crouch End area, do get in touch about your vehicle MOT and servicing needs.  We are 163 Tottenham Lane, open Monday – Friday 8am- 5.30pm.


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