We’ve noticed that the start of this year is quieter than last year, and we think that a lot of our customers are tightening their belts.  But how do you keep the cost of running a car down?

medium_Image004 (1)Routine Maintenance

Keep on top of all your weekly, monthly and seasonal checks to keep wear and tear down to a minimum.  We’ve articles on checks to carry out in spring, summer, autumn and winter on our website.

Regular Car Services

Did you know that booking your car for a MOT only guarantees the minimum safety requirement as set out by the government.  However, having your car regularly serviced by a garage like Volante Garage Edmonton, will help maintain the value of the car.  Volante will make it quick, reliable and cost-effective.

Cut Down on Short Trips

If you find yourself “popping out” in the car two or three times a day, why not consider consolidating these trips into one?  Starting your engine from cold is the primary cause of engine wear and tear.  Not only that but warming it up for more than 30 seconds is burning an unnecessary amount of extra fuel.

Cheap Fuel

Petrol prices may have dropped in recent months but sadly this won’t last forever and will start to rise again soon.  Keep an eye on PetrolPrices.com for the cheapest fuel in your area.

Car Insurance

It may sound obvious but do shop around for car insurance at the time of renewal as your current insurer might not be offering you the best deal.  This is money have a good article on how to get the cheapest car insurance.

For more tips, read our article on how car owners can save money for more money saving tips.

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