13894_932180960159325_7735862603285023136_nFinally, Spring is here! Daffodils are blooming and there is blossom on the trees. It’s time for Spring cleaning and Spring checks on your vehicle. Here at MEB Motors we want to ensure your car runs smoothly after the harsh winter weather, with our extensive Spring Car Checks.

Winter takes its toll on your car – the wet weather, pot holes and salted roads can really affect the smooth running of your vehicle.

So book in for a Spring Check today and we will take a look at the following:



If your car has winter tyres, now is the time to change them for ones more suited to Spring driving. Driving with winter tyres in Spring conditions is not good for the car.

Tyre pressure needs to be checked and any wear and damage from those slippery roads. We’ll check the alignment of the wheels and for any damage that may have been caused by potholes.


At Volante we will give your brakes a good check over.  The salt on the roads can get into the underside of your car and corrode brake parts. We’ll check the system for any winter wear and tear. We’ll check your fluid levels and brake pads and get you back onto the road safely.


Your car’s battery is put under strain in the winter months which can weaken it. We will check it and replace any weak batteries.


The lights have been used a lot in the dark winter months. Bulbs will need checking and may need replacing. We will do all of that.

As well as the above checks we will also look at the following:

Oil – It’s important to keep an engine well-oiled in order to maximise performance.

Aircon – You probably didn’t use the aircon much during the cold winter months. We’ll check its ready for the warmer weather.

Power steering – We’ll check the fluid levels

Windscreen washer fluid – We will check the levels.

Windscreen wiper blades – We’ll replace them if they are worn.

As well as the above, now is the time to give your car a good clean, inside and out. The underside takes the worst of the weather with mud and salt laden spray which, if left, can cause corrosion. Polish off the paintwork, check inside for any damp left from rain and muddy feet to prevent damage.

So go ahead! Book today. Give your car a treat and ensure you get to where you want to this Spring.

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