According to the AA, Spring is the best time to clean your car inside and out. The interior of the car could have been damp for the winter, with the outside suffering from mud splatters and salt on the roads. For full details on how to get the best out of Spring cleaning your car, take a look at our separate article.

Spring checksOnce you have cleaned your car, there are some checks you can do yourself:

  • Check for any damage to bodywork, lamps and trims. Get damage repaired if necessary to avoid any rust build up and further corrosion to your car.
  • Check your windscreen wipers. If they need changing you can do it yourself or take your car to your local garage.
  • Check your screen wash. The sunnier days make for more glare on the windscreen. Extra dirt and grime will affect visibility.
  • Check your oil levels and top up if necessary. This is a year round check but the new season is a good reminder that oil regularly needs to be checked.
  • Check your tyres. Spring means more rain and more water on the roads. The cold weather may have reduced tyre pressure during your winter driving. If your vehicle has winter tyres then they will need to be changed for ones more appropriate for Spring driving.

You may want to visit your local garage for these checks:

  • Brakes – Salt on the roads during winter can actually corrode brake parts so we can check them for any damage. Then we’ll inspect the brake fluid and brake pads. If there are any strange noises – then it’s definitely time to change them!
  • Batteries – you don’t want the battery to be a cause of a breakdown. At MEB, we can check your battery and replace any older weak ones. Signs of a weak battery include dimming headlights and slower electric windows.
  • Car air conditioning – we have written an entire article on this subject. You can read it here

You probably didn’t use the air conditioning during the winter months so there are checks that need to be done before using it, to ensure it works smoothly once you do.  At MEB air conditioning health checks are part of our Spring Checks. Again, see our separate article for more details.

So contact us today and book in with your favourite Edmonton garage to make sure you are ready for Spring driving.

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