Hoorah it’s Spring-time and there is only one thing on our mind at MEB Motors, Spring Checks on your vehicle!

Your car has been punished over the winter months – wet and windy weather, salted roads and potholes really test car batteries, tyres, brakes and suspensions.  Not only that but salt laden mud might have started corroding your car underside.

Give your car the TLC it deserves and book it in for a Spring Check today.  Think of it as a spa day for your car!

As part of your Spring Check, we will look at the following:


Cold weather may have reduced tyre pressure so we will check that they are properly inflated and that your wheels are properly aligned.  We will also check for tread wear and any damage that those pesky potholes may have caused.

In extremely cold weather, or on the continent, they favour swapping tyres for winter tyres. If your vehicle has winter tyres, we will change them for ones more appropriate for the spring weather as driving in winter tyres is not good for them.


At Volante Garage Edmonton we will give your brakes a good check over.  Salt on the roads can corrode brake parts, so we will check the brake system (including lines, hoses) for any cracking or corrosion.  Next we’ll inspect your brake fluid levels and finally your brake pads – if they make funny noises then it will be definitely time to change them!

spring checksBatteries

Winter really puts a strain on your battery.  We will test and replace older weaker batteries (especially those over three years old).  It’s cheaper to get it replaced than waiting for a tow truck and replacement following a breakdown on the road. Signs of a weak battery include dimming headlights and electric windows that take longer to go up and down than usual.

The Spring Checks list is extensive, here are a few other things we cover:

  • Lights – Driving in the dark winter months will mean your lights have been working overtime.  We will check the bulbs and replace as necessary.
  • Oil – We’ll check your oil levels and change your oil for you in order to maintain top performance and engine longevity.
  • Air conditioning – See our article
  • Power steering – we’ll check the fluid levels as low levels can cause damage to the power steering system
  • Windscreen washer fluid – we’ll check the levels
  • Windscreen wiper blades – we’ll replace them if worn

So what are you waiting for?  Book your car in for a Spring Check at Volante today!

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