We recently posted an article about Spring Checks for cars.   The winter road conditions leave the car vulnerable, not only to various pot hole related damage but also to general grime and dirt collected over the winter.

clean-571679_640Here is a list of tips from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM):

  1. Spring clean your car inside and out. Grime and mud from the winter roads can collect and cause corrosion in places you might not see it.  When you wash your car make sure you pay attention to the under-side cleaning where unseen dirt can collect.
  2. You only need to use warm soapy water to remove tough dirt such as tree sap. Make sure you do it regularly to keep the car in top condition.  If the sap is really hard and difficult to remove you could use a electric polisher with a colour restorer. Use specialist car cleaning pads, not household cleaning pads, as this can ruin the paintwork.
  3. Your lights may need a good clean. Pay special attention to them as they’ve probably collected a lot of dirt over the winter.  Check windscreen wiper blades are clear and working properly.  Replace them now if they need it.
  4. In the warmer weather windscreens can gather grime such as flying insects and wet from the roads so now is the time to top up your screen wash.
  5. Lots of people are allergic to pollen at this time of year. Hayfever can affect your driving so keep the air purified by using the air-conditioning or using a pollen filter.
  6. The sunshine is great! But it’s not always easy to see the roads during the early morning and evening low sun. Keep a pair of sunglasses handy to reach for when the glare becomes too much.


We would also like to add that you should clean your windscreen inside and out as over time a film builds up on the surface of the windscreen and creates glare.

So, look after your car this Spring and happy driving in the long summer days ahead.


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