get out SpringSpring is almost here (hoorah!).  If you’ve not been out and about much during the winter, now is time to dust off the driving gloves, take your car out of storage and get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Advice to those who have not used their car in Winter

If you didn’t use your car in Winter because it was either under a pile of snow, or you just didn’t fancy getting out and about, now is the time to carry out a few basic checks before your first Spring outing.

  • Batteries tend to go flat if they are unused for a long time. If you have access to electricity you could use a smart charger which will charge your battery when it needs it and this device can be left on without the risk of overcharging.  If your battery is totally dead then you can try jump starting it, follow our steps.
  • Anti-freeze – check the concentration levels (it should be 50/50 anti-freeze/water) either by buying a kit and following these instructions or have your local garage do it for you.
  • Tyre pressures – check them as the winter weather may have caused them to under inflate.
  • Tyres that haven’t been used for a long time may also develop flat spots. This means that when you first use your car you might hear “thump, thump, thump” for the first 20 or so miles.  If it continues after this then you will need new tyres.
  • Check when your next MOT and service are due (if your car has been out of your mind for Winter then so may this practical information).
  • Check that your car tax and insurance is also valid – there would be nothing worse than driving down the road and remembering it expired last month.
  • Check that nothing has made its home under the bonnet or chewed through a pipe or hose –read about the various ways animals can damage your car.
  • Check all fluid levels (oil, screenwash etc)
  • Check all brakes including the handbrake – it may have seized if you had stored your car with the handbrake on over winter. You can try putting your car into gear and driving slowly.

MEB the Motor Centre Advice

Over the previous years, we have also shared the following advice with you:

We look forward to seeing you for your next service or MOT.

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