Did you know that hot weather can bring about challenges to drivers and their cars?  Now is the time to take the car into your local garage or do a few simple checks yourself and make sure it is ready for the summer:

  • Oil levels – At any time of year the oil should be checked regularly. Oil keeps your engine running. Without it your car simply wouldn’t run. Regularly check your oil levels by ensuring they are in between the minimum and maximum marks on the dipstick. This is an easy check you can do yourself!
  • 20/20 vision – You want to see where you are going! Glare from the bright sun can show up any dirt on your windscreen and make driving very difficult. Ensure your windscreen wash is topped up for regular cleaning on the go. Also make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition and replace them if they are worn.
  • Air conditioning – You may not have used your aircon much during the cooler months so it’s important you ensure it’s running smoothly before you start to use it in the hotter months. Mould and bacteria can build up and cause all sorts of problems to your car. You can read more about the checks here.
  • Engine coolant levels – You want to prevent overheating in the summer. According to the AA six million motorists around the UK risk a repair bill of over £1000 simply by not regularly checking their coolant levels. It is recommended you check this every week and make sure you get it looked at when you go for your next service.
  • Batteries – If your car doesn’t start it may be down to the battery. People expect this to happen more during the winter months but your battery actually goes through quite a lot during the colder weather. So it is important to get it checked out in order to avoid any annoying breakdowns during the warmer weather. Take it into your local garage and they will check it for you.
  • Brakes – if you are planning a long journey either here in the UK or abroad, brake checks should be part of your summer checks to ensure they are working correctly. Your local garage will check brake pads, discs and fluid levels for you.

Finally, if you do break down it is always best to be prepared! We wrote an article listing the essential items to carry in your car for safe summer driving.

Have a lovely summer and safe driving!


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