Summer has arrived! It might be that you are planning a holiday with the car, either in the UK or abroad.  Car trips are great fun, but not if you break down. So be prepared by packing an emergency essentials kit.  To help you decide what to include we have compiled a list of items for your boot:


  • Reflective warning triangle – In some European countries, like France, it is a legal requirement. On the spot fines if you don’t have one!


  • Hi-vis jackets – It’s best to be seen by traffic when you’ve broken down. Again, in some European countries it is a legal requirement to have these in the car.


  • Lots of drinks – Preferably in a cool box for those hot sunny days if you have to wait for a rescue.


  • Non-perishable foods – Granola bars, protein bars. Hopefully you won’t be delayed by your breakdown for too long. But it’s best to be prepared and avoid going hungry.


  • First aid kit – Always a good idea! Whatever the weather.


  • Torch – if you breakdown at night you’ll want to be able to see what you are doing, and be seen.


  • Fully charged mobile phone – You can buy portable chargers now. Charge them up before you leave and use them in an emergency. You never know who you might need to call.


  • Breathalyser – Cheaper to buy a breathalyser in the UK and take it to the Continent rather than purchasing it on the ferry. Do check the expiry date if you have one from a previous trip.


  • breakdownBlankets – It might be summer but it can still get chilly at night waiting for a rescue truck.


  • Rain poncho – If you need to change a tyre there would be nothing worse than getting soaked by a summer downpour.


  • Tow rope – Useful for when a friendly trucker pulls over to assist in a rescue.


  • Extra screen wash – Did you know it was an offence to have an empty screen wash? Keep it topped up.


  • Cardboard or cat litter – No, not for Tiddles the family cat. Both of these items can actually be used to place beneath a tyre to create traction if trying to remove the car from a sticky, muddy puddle.


Don’t forget, the best way to avoid a breakdown is to check your car over before a long journey, when the car is cool. Check the tyre pressures, the oil levels.  Make sure to check the coolant levels and top up as necessary.  Check the windscreen for chips before you go. You don’t want to end up with a large crack in the window during a long journey.  Finally, some websites advise carrying a can of petrol with you but as this is highly flammable, we recommend filling up before you leave!

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