As we edge ever closer to the summer holidays, we thought we’d share some summer motoring tips with you.

Breakdown Kit

We know you don’t want to think about it but have you really thought about what happens if you have a breakdown? Best face your fears head on and be prepared!

You’ll probably have half of these in your handbag/coat pockets but do check that you have:

A mobile phone, suncream, sunglasses and hat, water, cash, any medication, hand sanitiser and something to pass the time (magazine, games etc).

The rest you should keep in the car:

First aid kit, spare tyre with tools, warning triangle, map, high-viz jacket, spare bulb kit and tyre pressure gauge.

You could be super-prepared and carry things like jump leads, spare fuses and engine oil but we think that a call to a breakdown or tow company will probably do the trick.

Night-time driving

Getting a head start on your holiday can seem like a great idea, after all the roads should be a lot clearer and the temperature cooler. However, tiredness kills!  If you do feel tired, get your partner to take over or if you are on your own, pull over a take a break.  Many accidents occur between 1 and 5am so be careful.

Driving with children

If you are heading off on holidays with the kids in tow make sure they have plenty to keep them occupied.  The last thing you want is for them to ask “are we there yet?” when you set off 5 minutes ago!

Drinks and snacks in the car will keep them occupied, as will games of “I spy” or the number plate game or worse comes to the worse an ipad.  Remember occupied kids will lessen the threat of the driver becoming distracted.

roof rackDriving Abroad

Make sure you read up on speed limits, highway code and alcohol limits when driving in foreign countries.  It’s not a case of just driving on the other side of the road.  You need to bear in mind that you must carry a warning triangle, first aid kit etc by law in some countries.

It might be useful to learn some phrases in the event your car does breakdown abroad.  For example if you are driving in France, you can find some useful phrases here like “Pouvez vous envoyer un mécanicien / une dépanneuse?” which means “Can you send a mechanic / breakdown van?”

Enough of the French lessons… Bonnes vacances!

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