In the first of a two part blog, we look into what you need to consider when it comes to summer driving.

You might think it’s all about the winter car care (as it gets more publicity) but the hot summer months can be equally challenging (cracked hoses, dirty filters etc can lower your fuel efficiency or worst comes to the worst, a total breakdown).  Why wait to be towed at the side of the motorway when you can be cruising along to your holiday destination.


These are one of the most overlooked parts of your car.  It’s important to monitor your tyre pressures as under-inflated tyres with eventually blow in the high temperatures whereas over-inflated tyres makes less contact with the road (and you don’t want to be hydroplaning if the weather turns wet).  It’s not surprising then that punctures are the most common cause of breakdown during the summer months, according to the AA.

At Volante, we can not only check that the pressure is correct to avoid the above problems but also ensure the tread is at least 3mm (1.6mm is minimum by law in the UK) and that they are aligned and balanced correctly.


Check your hoses for cracks, leaks and loose connections.  You need an undamaged hose to help pump coolant to and from the engine block. The most vulnerable parts are nearest to where the hose connects to the radiator or the engine block (by the clamps).


According to the AA, around six million motorists in the UK risk a repair bill of over £1,000 by failing to regularly to check their engine coolant is at the recommended level.

At Volante Garage Edmonton, we can check out the coolant levels and also flush it, all of which helps to prevent your car from overheating and a very costly repair bill.

Oil Levels

Check your oil level before you head out on your long trip, it should be between the maximum and minimum on the dipstick.  If you check it once a week, you should avoid causing irreparable damage.  The oil itself should be changed at least once a year but follow your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Air conditioning

This is important to be looked at and we go into detail about this in our blog posting “Summer’s Here: Car Air Conditioning” – do take a look.

Remember, it’s best to keep on top of things with regular maintenance (changing oil, checking your oil, tyre pressures etc, regardless of weather conditions).  If you have any doubts about the best care for your car, why not drop by for a chat.

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