garage north londonIn the second of a two part blog, we look into what you need to consider when it comes to summer driving.

If you are thinking of jumping in your car and driving to the South of France or further afield without getting your car checked over, then think again.  Lots of things can go wrong with the car but MEB are on hand to advise you.


Don’t set out on your travels before getting your brakes checked, as worn down or faulty brakes are dangerous.  Remember they are the most important safety feature on your car.

Brakes become worn down when the lining of the brake pad or shoe has worn down past its minimum thickness. Brakes become faulty from contact with road salt during the winter driving months.  As a general rule, your brakes should be checked at once a year.

At Volante, we can check your brake linings, brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid levels so as to ensure peace of mind before you set off on your trip.

Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wipers should be changed twice a year:

  • Once before winter as ice, snow, salt and the extreme temperatures can crack and tear the rubber, lowering their efficiency.
  • Once before summer, as the glare from the sun on a dirty windscreen makes poor visibility and increases accidents plus to handle any rain showers.

If you find your wipers leave streaks, or several passes to clear away light rain, they need to be replaced then a well.


A breakdown in the middle of your holiday journey is no laughing matter.  Common causes of battery failure are:

  • The summer heat speeding up the chemical reaction inside a battery, causing the battery to be overcharged.
  • A build-up of sulphuric acid which corrodes and worsens the connections leading to a dead battery or some other electrical problem.  This in turn means that it won’t hold a proper charge.
  • Heat can also damage the battery by evaporating the internal battery fluid!

At MEB, we can carry out a battery test and while we are at it clean your battery cables and terminals.

Air Filters

The air filter, designed to keep dirt and debris from entering your car, can get clogged up easily.  A blocked air filter not only lowers fuel efficiency but also inhibits air flow.

At Volante Garage Edmonton, we will replace your filter during your vehicle’s annual service.

Once again remember, it’s best to keep on top of things with regular maintenance (changing oil, checking your oil, tyre pressures etc, regardless of weather conditions).  If you have any doubts about the best care for your car, why not drop by for a chat.

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