summer drivingLast year we wrote a 2 part article about preparing your car for Summer driving.  Since we are well on our way to warmer weather and the holiday season, we thought we would revisit this subject.

Did you know that car breakdowns can increase by 30% in the UK in the Summer months? Most causes could have been easily avoided if proper checks were followed before heading out on an outing.

In this article we explore the three summer-related car problems and what to do about them:


Hot weather combined with high speeds achieved on motorways and also the traffic jams can cause overheated engines.  What can you do about it?

  • Coolant hoses – Check your hoses for cracks, leaks and loose connections as you need an undamaged hose to help pump coolant to and from the engine block.
  • Coolant levels –Check that the levels are correct and if you want it flushed, book in at MEB as unchecked coolant levels can lead to a very costly repair bill
  • Cooling fan – Does it work? Check it does!
  • Tip – If your engine does overheat, leave the radiator or coolant tank caps for at least an hour or so before removing as you could be scalded by steam

Air conditioning

We have written a few articles on the subject of air conditioning as it is one of the main source of customer enquiries and repairs at MEB over the Summer months.  You can read our more in depth articles here and here but here are a few basics to remember:

  • Use your air conditioning unit, even in winter so that the seals keep lubricated and don’t dry out (you don’t want any leaks do you?)
  • Air conditioning should be recharged at least every two years to be fully efficient and effective
  • Book your car in for a system de-bug to clear bacterial build up and remove any unpleasant odours

Lost keys

  • Always keep your car keys separate from your house keys
  • Keep a spare set in a safe place
  • Don’t want to jinx you losing your keys but if it does happen regularly, consider taking out separate insurance to cover lost or stolen car keys as it won’t affect your car insurance premiums or no claims bonus
  • Don’t park your car near work or home until you have managed to change the locks
  • Although if you have to park near home, use a steering lock or wheel clamp
  • Attach a key fob provided by a company such as keylocator so that when the keys are found they can be posted back to a secure location and forwarded onto you


Remember, if you are heading out on a long trip, you should get your car checked over by a competent mechanic.  At Volante we can check your brakes are working, fluid levels are topped up replace your windscreen wipers!  We look forward to helping you enjoy your Summer holiday!

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