Tyre Safety MonthIt seems like only a few months ago we were writing about Tyre Safety Month 2016.  Anyway it is October again so time to support the guys at Tyre Safe.  So what’s in store for Tyre Safety Month 2017?

Well this year, Tyre Safety Month is all about correct tyre pressure: Are you having a Good or a Bad Air Day?  Regular tyre checks should be part of your monthly maintenance but there are a large number of owners who are only replacing tyres when they’ve become illegal and dangerous.  Regular tyre checks could avoid them being a danger on the road.

Here are some facts and figures provided by Tyre Safe:

  • 3% more fuel used when pressure is 6 psi below recommended inflation
  • For every 10% a tyre is under-inflated. Its wear can increase by 10%
  • £600 million wasted yearly on fuel costs by British motorists driving with under-inflated tyres
  • 8% of car tyres in the UK are at least 4 psi below recommended pressures

How to check your tyre pressure

Firstly you need to know what your correct tyre pressure should be.  This can be found in your vehicle’s handbook, inside the fuel cap and also stamped into the sill of the driver’s side door.

Secondly you will need a tyre pressure gauge or you can use the gauge at garages and petrol stations (on the inflation equipment).

There are two different sets of pressures to check – One for “normal” driving conditions and the other for loaded vehicles (ie with extra people or heavy items). 

If you are checking your tyres with a tyre pressure gauge, you can check each tyre pressure individually.  Just remove the valve cap and attach the pressure gauge to it.  You can then verify what the reading is.  Air can be then added if you are underinflated at most petrol stations.  Tyres which are overinflated (ie too much air), use the tyre gauge/inflator (at the garage) and press the equipment in half way to let a little air out so that the tyre pressure is back to the recommended level.  Once you have the correct air pressure level, just remove the air hose and reattach the tyre valve cap.

You can always watch a video to make sure you are getting it right.

For more information on tyre pressures, do take a look at our article on 6 facts about tyre pressure.

So make sure you check or get your tyre pressure checked this October (we will happily carry this out for you at MEB).


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