Van crime is on the rise. According to NAPIT Insurance, a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. It’s not only tools being targeted though but the vans as well. TRACKER reveals that in 2018 89% of vans were stolen without keys – the most targeted makes are Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. So how do you protect your livelihood against van crime?

Electrify your van?

In early August 2019, the media reported that Ray Taylor of Wolverhampton fitted a series of deterrents to his Citroen Dispatch van after suffering from equipment theft of up to £5000 over two years. Sick of being the victim he installed a siren and two fire alarm-like sound bombs totalling 120 decibels (similar to a jumbo jet taking off).

Not content with that, he also took apart a fly swatter and used the 1,000 volt zapper to create a giant electric shock if the rear door handle is pulled when locked. There are clear warning signs so let’s hope it puts the thieves off.

You can watch this drastic deterrent here.

Other ways to prevent van crime

There are a series of tips you can follow to deter thieves from breaking into your van including:

  • Fitting steel-clad or heavy-duty locks. Most standard locks are not that strong so heavy-duty locks will make your van more secure

  • Don’t just have a sticker saying that no tools are left in your van overnight, stick to this and bring them inside. Most likely thieves have been scouting out which businesses leave tools and valuables in their vehicles overnight and they are the ones most likely to be targeted

  • Fit a van storage box inside your van. This means when you are out and about on jobs, you have peace of mind that the tools not being used are in a secure place

  • Fit additional alarms (we’re not saying ones that sound like a jumbo jet but an additional alarm will put thieves off). A company like 999 Vehicle Security have a whole rang of audible deterrents

  • Choose your parking space wisely. Make it less accessible by parking the back or side doors close to a wall or gate. Choose well-lit areas with CCTV if possible

  • Fit your van with a GPS Tracking device. Companies like Find It Stop It provide devices which allow you to track your vehicle and stop it remotely if it is stolen. You can recover your consignments before thieves can empty the van

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