car serviceIn the UK an MOT is an annual legal requirement (for most vehicles).  Driving without one can land you with a hefty fine. You cannot get your car taxed until you have a valid MOT certificate.  A service is not a legal requirement but is essential for the maintenance of your car.

An MOT is a visual check of the car. To make sure it meets a set of standards set out by the Government (things such as emissions checks and seat belt checks).

After an MOT you may be handed a checklist of things that need to be kept an eye on.

A service goes into more detail and keeps the car as near to new as possible. It is based on the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer.

A service will look at things like levels of anti-freeze and oil changes and whether the brakes will last – things an MOT wouldn’t look at.

A good way to explain is that an MOT keeps the car safe; a service keeps the car running.

MEB will do both your MOT and your service. We run different types of servicing throughout the year. It’s always important to get your car checked over in preparation for winter road conditions and again when road conditions are due to change in the spring time.

If your car’s MOT and service are due at the same time, book in with MEB. It can save time and money to get both done together.


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