car accidentBeing in a car accident can be devastating. Even if it is a minor one. The damage to the car, possible injuries, insurance claims. There is so much to think about at a time when emotions are probably running high.  So be prepared, have a list in your mind of what you would need to do if you did find yourself in this situation.


If you are driving and a person other than yourself is injured, there is damage caused to another vehicle or property or an animal has been killed which belongs to another then the law states you must stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable amount of time, give your vehicle registration and personal details to anyone who can take them, and if you don’t exchange details at the scene you must report it to a police station as soon as possible but within 24 hours.


Of course, your first priority at the scene of an accident will be yours and your passengers safety. Before assisting others, or leaving your vehicle if possible you should ensure you can do so safely.  It is best to call the emergency services as soon as possible. 


Once everyone is safe, and if you can do so you should collect names and contact details of those involved in order to make insurance claims. Additionally, you could collect details of witnesses and take down any information about the accident they may have. Of course, if it is a serious accident the police will do this. 

It is also advisable to take pictures of all damage to ensure no fraud or exaggerated claims (better to be safe than sorry).

We recently posted an article on dashcams. These can prove invaluable in an accident for capturing exactly what happened and therefore who is at fault. 


Check the details of your insurance.  You should know this already. It is important to see what sort of cover you have, whether you have legal cover and what you will need to do in the case of an accident.


Hopefully your vehicle is repairable.  If you have comprehensive insurance then any damage should be covered by the policy. 

At MEB we will carry out any accident repair work to the highest standards, using the latest technology to ensure the highest quality finish.  Our skilled and experienced in-house body shop technicians will ensure any damage or deterioration to your vehicle will be dealt with.  

Hopefully you will never find yourself involved in an accident, but it is always better to be prepared in case you do so.                     

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