meb-logo-v1With the UK currently being battered by storms, we thought we would write about how to drive safely in strong winds.

Firstly you need to know that no matter experienced you are, strong winds either blowing strong and steady or in sudden gusts can catch you out.

Follow our 3 tips to stay safe:

1 – Plan ahead

  • Is your journey really necessary?  Only travel if you really have to and ensure you listen to the local news, weather and traffic bulletins.
  • Make sure your car is roadworthy by using our winter car care checklist – at a minimum your headlights and windows should be clean and your tyres correctly inflated.
  • Can you pick a more sheltered route?  If not, take care and leave extra time as strong winds mean you need to drive slower.

2 – Drive with caution

  • Drive slowly and carefully to cope with the strong winds that are not always constant and could catch you out with a sudden gust.  With this in mind, keep your hands firmly on the wheel!
  • Turn your headlights on if needed as there could be lower visibility due to dust, snow or rain
  • Consider increasing the two second rule to three seconds.
  • If you are driving in exposed areas, be extra vigilant as vehicles could be hit by sudden gusts of wind.
  • Keep an eye out for debris (especially tree branches) on the road.

3 – Be wary of other vehicles

  • High sided vehicles and caravans are susceptible to strong winds and could easily be blown off course, so be careful if you are behind one or planning to overtake one (there could be sudden gusts as you pass).
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, particularly if they are towing trailers as they could swing out at any moment.
  • Keep an eye on what’s happening to other vehicles – if they are being blown off course then this could easily happen to you.

We would also advise you carry a winter car kit for emergencies – we’ve listed what you should include here.

At Volante Garage Edmonton, we will happily check over your car for whatever weather the UK chucks at us.  Book in for a winter service now on 020 8807 0668.

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