autumn driving conditionsDid you know that fog is statistically the most dangerous driving hazard in existence?  Appearing more in the morning and evening, it can be patchy, going from a light mist to a thick blanket in a matter of seconds.  The term “fog” is defined as when there is visibility of less than 100 metres (about the length of a football pitch).

With these facts in mind, follow these simple tips to stay safe:

Use Your Fog Lights

  • Do you know how to turn your front and rear fog lights on and off? Familiarise yourself with them and also when to use them
  • Bear in mind that although it’s not compulsory to use fog lights, if your car is in an accident and the cause is due to poor visibility, and your fog lights weren’t on, your car insurer might query this
  • It is however an offence to use high-intensity rear fog lights in clear conditions (termed as visibility great than 100 metres)
  • Dipped headlights are better in fog conditions, in fact heavy fog conditions prohibit the use of high beams.  Low beams direct light down the road and help other drivers to see you
  • Wait for consistent improvement in visibility before switching fog lights off (front and back)


Tips for driving in fog

  • If you are caught in extreme fog try and move off the road and wait for it to lift, turning your hazard lights on to alert other drivers as to where you are
  • Remember to check your mirrors and then slow down before entering fog by applying the brake lightly (the brake lights warn the drivers behind)
  • Be extra vigilant and drive at a comfortable speed (if you can see less than 12 metres, you need to drive at less than 20mph)
  • Maintain a greater distance between you and the car in front by increasing your count distance by 5 seconds rather than the usual 2 seconds
  • Moisture in the air may collect on the windscreen so use windscreen wipers and demisters as appropriate
  • Keep to your lane – there’s a tendency to wander out of your lane in poor visibility
  • Do not tail someone’s rear lights – always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Take care of drivers not using headlights
  • If conditions are clear but the word “Fog” is shown on a roadside sign, be prepared for fog ahead!

At Volante, we would be happy to check over your car this winter and make sure if your fog lights are working properly.  We can also supply bulb kits if you are struggling to get them.

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