With the recent news announced that sale of diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles will cease in the UK from 2035, the infrastructure for charging electric cars is going to need to keep up with demand. As well as on-street charging points, other options are being looked into in order to increase ways to charge electric vehicles. One of which is wireless charging.

What is Wireless Charging?
If you have a high-end smart phone then chances are that it has wireless charging built in. This means charging without using cables. The same goes with wireless charging for electric vehicles.

How does Wireless Charging Work?
In cars, a charging pad (about a metre square) on the ground transfers energy (resonant magnetic induction) through the air gap to a receiving pad fitted under the car (dinner plate size). When the two are lined up, charging can take place at 3.3kW, 6.6kW or 20kW speeds.

wireless vehiclesHow do I make my car compatible with wireless charging?
Many existing electric vehicles can be retro-fitted with technology to allow wireless charging, and new electric vehicles will have the capability factory-installed. For example, BMW 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid comes with an inductive charging facility and can charge the batteries in 3.5 hours and American technology company Plugless are providing kit for Tesla and Nissan Leaf.

Are there places that have it installed already?
Nottingham has been given £3.4 million to trial wireless charging with its city’s taxis. Their latest model of taxis (range-extender cabs) will be fitted with wireless charging equipment so they can charge their batteries without plugging in. This scheme will be trialled in 10 taxis but if successful will be extended to more.

In news closer to us, Connected Kerb will be installing wireless charging pads in residential streets, car parks and taxi ranks in Greater London as well as the Midlands and Scotland throughout the first half of 2020.

The future is Electric
Qualcomm reckon that in the future wireless charging technology will be installed everywhere; from garage floors that will charge your electric vehicle without you doing anything, through to motorways that can charge, power and propel your car at the same time.

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